T. Freeman Pilt is a self-taught artist, if not to take into account experience gained at painting and stained-glass studio of legendary artist and interior designer Soho Fond.

Mangas, Asian deities, pop scenes, three-dimensional collages from pop culture representations, psychedelic patterns and graffity elements show T. Freeman Pilt as unexpectedly complete and distinctive artistic who has already developed his personal style.

Freeman’s icons are at the same time are surrealistic, popular and psychedelic and, most importantly, so shockingly alive that they cut through air like broken piece of glass that has a life force like tornado.

In addition, the artist’s activities include clothing, footwear and as a lighting designer.

Freemans Mosaic collages of mirrors and counterfeit stones remind the British iconic artist Damien Hirst: aggressively dazzling commercialism and eye-catching poetry.

Sirp 05.05.2017